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Does A Bad Ap Test Score Affect Your Chances At College Admission?

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Si last year when I was a sophomore I took AP European History, and when it came time for the test I was so nervous and ended up getting a 1. Will that bad score stop colleges from accepting me? Please answer I’m freaking out and now that I’m a Junior I’ll be applying soon

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2 Responses to “Does A Bad Ap Test Score Affect Your Chances At College Admission?”
  1. Kelsey says:

    No, it shouldn’t really. It is good that you took the class, because colleges really like to see students who challenge themselves, and AP Euro is a tough class. They understand also that testing does not define the student, because cases like yours (an off day) are very common, and testing is not a good way in general to measure one’s capabilities + intelligence. That’s why schools, even the Ivy-League ones, are looking more to the personal statement + references, volunteering and extra-curric., etc.–who you really are. And the fact that you took the class demonstrates to them that you are a motivated student, so A++ in that sense.
    If you really wanted to, is there a way to withhold that score when applying to colleges? It’s not a mandatory test, so I would think there is!
    Good luck, don’t worry too much–that’s what I regret the most now that I’m a senior applying for colleges–and know that you are more than a test score! Honestly! You are MUCH more than a letter, number, transcript, whatever! God bless and have fun in life, knowing you are unique and you have a special gift to share with the world + that is why you’re here!
    haha…sorry about that…I hate my high school. College is gonna rock!

  2. xo379 says:

    I’m 99% sure that you do not have to send your AP scores to colleges. It may look ‘sketchy,’ but it won’t look as bad as getting a 1.
    See if you can not send it to colleges.
    If that’s not an option, then it’s kind of a toss-up…there’s no real way to tell. They may like that you took the class, and that may override the bad score, but maybe not.

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